Washing off Agents

Turbonol SN

  • Premium dispersing and disaggregating properties.
  • High sequestering action on water hardening substances.
  • Prevents precipitation and re-deposition of water insoluble impurities and dyestuff agglomerate during washing off process.
  • Effective against water insoluble cotton impurities.
  • Suitable for cotton and its blends.
  • Does not attack metal complex dyes.

Turbonol SN can be applied in the scouring, dyeing and soaping operations of textile wet processing. The product is suitable to all types of processing machines due to its non foaming character.

Turbonol XL

Powerful anionic surfactant based washing off agent. Ideal for jigger and winch.

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  • Powerful detergency.
  • Good emulsifying properties.
  • Works very well in hard water.
  • Neutralisation after soaping is not required.
  • Improves absorbency of fabrics.
  • Removes unfixed dyes with ease.

Turbonol XL can be applied in scouring bath as well as in soaping of fabrics dyed with reactive dyes. It can also be applied along with reduction clearing agents in disperse dyeing of polyester. The product is suitable for operations where there is no much shear force to cause foaming. Turbonol XL is an ideal product for operations in jigger, winch and drum washing machines.

Turbonol DDL

High molecular weight surfactant based low foaming nonionic washing off agent.

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  • Excellent washing and dispersing property.
  • Prevents white marks caused by scum formation.
  • Improves wash and rub fastness of dyed materials.
  • Does not promote renewed uptake of hydrolyzed or unfixed dyestuff that has been washed off.
  • Eliminates problems caused by deposition of insoluble salts without de-metalizing dyestuffs.

Used as a washing off agent for reactive dyed fabrics. Used in reactive printed post washing off process. Used as dispersant and detergent.