Printing Chemicals

Turbocryl VS

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Turbocryl TP

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Turbofix P90

Non-formaldehyde fixing agent for pigment print pastes.

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  • Non formaldehyde and eco friendly.
  • Improves rub fastness significantly.

Turbofix P90 must be added to the print paste and applied.

Turbosoft® Texprint 40 SERIES

Softener for print pastes and premium emulsions for textile printing

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  • Offers good softness on the printed area.
  • Blunts harshness due to pigments and binders.
  • Improves rub fastness.
  • Improves flow properties.

Turbosoft® Texprint 40 can be added as one of the components in the print pastes for textile printing. The product can be added during milling or let down stage, but the former is preferable to get best results. It is suitable for table as well as rotary printing.

Turbosil® 235

Premium hydrophilic silicone softener for textiles

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  • Durable soft finish to cotton, synthetics and their blends.
  • Improves hydrophilicity significantly.
  • Suitable for finishing white fabrics.
  • Improves wearing comfort of hosieries by effective moisture management.
  • Offers the option of re-dyeability to treated fabrics.
  • Treated fabrics can be taken up for printing.
  • Shear stable.

Turbosil® 235 can be applied by exhaust as well as pad methods, in mildly acidic conditions (pH : 4.50-5.50) at room temperatures.