Other pre-treatment additives

Turbonol HPS

High performance peroxide stabiliser with good iron chelation properties.

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  • Very good stabilising and anti-catalytic effect in alkaline peroxide bleach.
  • Ensures sustained release of nascent oxygen.
  • Promotes degree of whiteness.
  • Improves absorbency of fabrics.
  • Prevents pin hole damage to fabrics, due to its excellent sequestering properties.
  • Removes unfixed dyes with ease.

Turbonol HPS can be applied in peroxide bleaching and alkaline boil off of textiles. The product is suitable to all types of processing machines due to its non foaming character.

Turbonol CAN

Core alkali neutraliser. Powerful than acetic acid.

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  • Very good neutralising agent for core alkali.
  • Highly acidic sequestering agent.
  • Eliminates alkaline earth and heavy metals completely.
  • Improves whiteness significantly.
  • Non volatile.
  • Superior in performance over acetic and formic acids.
  • Maintains pH even in extended storage times.
  • Does not damage fibres, as is the case with mineral acids.

Turbonol CAN is an ideal product for core alkali neutralisation. It also serves as a good demineralisation and sequestering agent. The product is non foaming and hence suitable for all types of machine.

Turbonol DMS

  • Powerful sequestering agent for calcium, magnesium and iron impurities.
  • Very effective in acid demineralising process before dyeing.
  • Works over a broad pH spectrum.
  • Helps emulsifiers / detergents perform well by dispersing metal impurities.

Turbonol DMS is an ideal product for demineralisation of impurities in textile processing. The product is non foaming and hence suitable for all types of machine. It is suitable for continuous as well as batch processes.