Polyester Dyeing Chemicals

Turbonol TFR

Premium dispersing cum levelling agent for disperse dyeing of polyester.

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  • Premium dispersing and levelling agent for all types of disperse dyes.
  • Provides brilliance, excellent fastness and softness.
  • Biodegradable and eco friendly.

Varieties of shades can be obtained on yarn, fabric and fibre at different dilutions

Turbonol PDR

  • Very good reducing agent for clearing dyeings on polyester, PAN, cellulose acetate and their blends.
  • Very effective in acidic conditions during the cooling stage.
  • No need for alkali clearing procedures.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Destroys unfixed and non-exhausted disperse dyes effectively.

Turbonol PDR can be applied in dye bath where pH does not exceed 5.00. Once the product has completely reacted, the pH of the liquor will be almost neutral. Turbonol PDR can be applied in all types of machine.

Turbosoft® YC3

Softener cum lubricant for polyester yarns. Offers excellent gliding properties to yarns.

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  • Offers very soft handle to cotton and blended fabrics.
  • Improves sewability and cuttability of fabrics.
  • Prevents static charge build up.
  • Suitable for finishing white fabrics.
  • Improves fibre lubrication.

Turbosoft® YC3 can be applied by exhaust as well as pad methods, in mildly acidic conditions (pH : 5.50) at room temperatures. The product must be pre-diluted before applying on to fabrics. Dilution can be done at room temperatures by adding measured quantities of Turbosoft® YC3 into water under gentle stirring to form a smooth emulsion.

Turbosil® TL3

Silicone softener cum lubricant for polyester yarns. Very good antistatic agent. Washable.

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  • Premium lubrication to cotton, polyester and their blends.
  • Provides excellent protection against static charge.
  • Reduces fibre-fibre and fibre-metal friction significantly.
  • APEO / NPEO free and eco friendly.
  • Reduces roller lapping significantly.
  • Washable.

Turbosil® TL3 can be applied by spray, kiss roll and exhaust methods at room temperatures.