Turbolube AC

Premium grade friction reducer cum emulsifier. Ideal for dye bath lubrication of heavy GSM fabrics.

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  • Excellent emulsifier with anti crease properties.
  • Prevents rope and chafe marks, creasing and abrasion.
  • Suitable for natural, synthetic fibres and their blends.
  • Enhances heat setting efficiency.
  • Improves stain removal after heat setting.
  • Suitable for scour-dyeing of 100% polyester.
  • Turbolube AC can be applied in pre-treatment and dyeing stages. It is suitable for all types of equipment like jet and package dyeing machines and drum washing machines for garment processing.
  • Turbolube AC can be applied for scour-dyeing of 100% polyester.

Turbolube LP

Versatile polymer based lubricant and crease inhibitor.

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  • Improves running properties and prevents chafe marks on fabrics.
  • Helps penetration of auxiliaries and dye stuff smoothly.
  • Protects the fabric surface.
  • Inert towards dye stuff and substrate, and acts independently.
  • Performs significantly when the goods to liquor ratio is low.
  • Completely washable in plain water.
  • Allows higher loading of dyeing machine and higher speed of circulation.
  • Non foaming.
  • The performance of Turbolube LP is unaffected by change in pH, water hardness or electrolytes.

Turbolube LP must be added during pre-treatment as well as dyeing processes, prior to the loading of fabric for best results.