Turbosil® AF97

  • Excellent additive to control both static and dynamic foam.
  • Can be used in systems involving shear forces.
  • Reduces paper breaking.
  • Avoids paper formation of holes by removing fine bubbles in fibers.
  • Helps to disperse soil floatation.
  • Powerful antifoam agent in all water based systems.
  • Energy and Cost savings.
  • APEO free

  • Paper and pulp processing.
  • Water – based printing inks and paints.
  • Water – based lacquers and coatings

Turbonol NDW CONC

  • Premium defoaming properties.
  • Controls both static and dynamic foam.
  • Compatible with all kinds of binder systems.
  • Very low dosage

0.1-0.2 % on the total weight of the system