Turbotan RE

  • Very good light fastness.
  • Improves adhesion of finishes.
  • Offers good fullness and body.

2-4% on shaved weight

Turbotan 3745

  • Offers soft handle to leather.
  • Improves dye uptake and liquor fixation.
  • Reduces pollution in tannery effluent.
  • Improves buffing properties.
  • Can be used in retannage along with vegetable and / or synthetic fatliquors
  • For retannage of upper leather: 4-5% on shaved weight.
  • For retannage of nappa leather: 3-4% on the shaved weigh

Turbotan 3039

  • Synthetic replacement tanning agent for all stages leathers.
  • Imparts medium fullness and good softeness.
  • Produces a resilient leather with a dense fibre texture and a pale fairly light fast grain.
  • Imparts good fullness, lighter colour and a resilient grain to the leather.

2-6% on shaved weight

Turbotan NA

  • Excellent neutralizing effect based on buffering property and not on alkalinity.
  • Displaces and buffers sulfuric acid bound in collagen –chromium complexes.
  • No excessive neutralization. Reduces consumption of chrome tanning agents.
  • Does not precipitate in chrome tanning liquors and does not lead to chrome stains.
  • Facilitates uniform dyeing
  • Neutralization of chrome leather: 2-3% for 30-45 minutes. Elevated temperatures accelerate the process. Neutralization of chrome leathers which are to be retanned 0.5–1.0% for 30-45 minutes. Thorough rinsing is a must after the treatment.
  • Basification in chrome tannage: 100 parts of soda can be substituted by 175 parts of Turbotan NA. No dangers of precipitation and staining associated with soda.

Turbotan NG Liquid

  • Premium neutralizing effect based on buffering property.
  • Improves the quality of chrome leather.
  • No excessive neutralization.
  • Promotes uniform dyeing

2-3% on shaved weight for neutralization of chrome leather

Turbotan 540

  • Imparts excellent fullness and tightness.
  • Provides excellent light fastness.
  • Very good compatibility with chrome.
  • Helps in better chrome exhaustion.
  • Very good heat stability

2-6% on shaved weight