Fat Liquors

Turbofat® SNF

  • Very good stabilising and anti-catalytic effect in alkaline peroxide bleach.
  • Ensures sustained release of nascent oxygen.
  • Promotes degree of whiteness.
  • Improves absorbency of fabrics.
  • Prevents pin hole damage to fabrics, due to its excellent sequestering properties.
  • Removes unfixed dyes with ease.
  • Excellent penetration properties.
  • Provides very good softness and fullness.
  • Suitable for upper and garment leathers.

Upper Leather: 4% on shaved weight Garment Leather: 6% on shaved weight

Turbosoft® AFS

Amphoteric fat liquor suitable for white leather

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  • Table to hard water, weak acids, electrolytes.
  • Very soft handle.
  • Very goodchrome uptake in chrome tanning.
  • Premium top fatliquor for milled articles.
  • Improves filling properties.
  • Improves whiteness to crust.

2-4% on shaved weight