Detergent Chemicals

Turbopol 1270

Performance additive for phosphate free detergents

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  • Prevents soggings of detergent cakes during usage.
  • Removes tough dirt from collars and cuffs
  • Premium dispersing properties
  • Inhibits incrustation
  • Boosts detergency
  • Prevents soil redeposition
  • Homogenises detergent slurry
  • Improves granular structure of powder detergents
  • Replaces phosphates

1 – 4 % on the weight of detergent formulation

Turbodet bioslurry

High performance concentrated organic slurry for manufacturing of detergent powder.

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  • Made from finest AR grade raw materials.
  • Economical.
  • Bio degradable & Eco friendly.
  • Eases the process of detergent powder manufacture.

Versatile product and can be used in manufacturing of fabric detergents, dish wash, hand wash, car wash, jewelry wash and luxury fabrics (wool & silk).

Turbosil® PD3

  • Imparts mar, scratch resistance.
  • Provides high gloss.
  • Good slippery touch.
  • Good anti-blocking effect.
  • Improves water resistance
  • Water based printing inks, paints and lacquers.
  • Polishes for various applications

Turbosil® NILSKIN

  • Eliminates skinning of paints and varnishes due to exposure to air.
  • Retards loss of dry paint during storage.
  • Volatile, and does not leave any residue in paint film

1-2% on vehicle solids

Turbocryl TP57

  • Excellent thixotropic agent for paint binders.
  • Retains viscosity without any drop.
  • Improves coating characteristics

1.5-3% on the total weight of the binder