Nutrient Supplements


  • Strengthens cell walls and improves plant growth.
  • Helps in development of stronger stalks and stems.
  • Reduces heat and drought stress.
  • Improves the efficiency of photosynthesis.
  • Increases pollination and pollen fertility.
  • Forms a strong layer in the outer cell wall leading to stronger and resilient plants.
  • Raises brix.
  • Resists fungal attacks on plants and protects from grey mould and powdery mildew.
  • Decreases climate stress on crops and improves their quality.
  • Reduces negative effects of excess aluminium, sodium and manganese.
  • Controls diseases in rice and soybean effectively. Reduces brown spots and manages rust disease.
  • Improves crop yield and quality.
  • Compatible with most fertilisers. Can be applied alone also.
  • TurboGROW SILPOT can be used on a variety of crops including sugarcane, rice, wheat, barley, potato, grapes and melons. It can be applied by irrigation or foliar spray.
  • The rate of application depends on crop, stage of growth and severity of deficiency. Maximum rate is recommended for mature, full sized The rate of application must be reduced for smaller plants.
  • Do not spray during flowering.
  • As silicon is not readily transported within the plant, more than one application is required per season to get full benefits of TurboGROW SILPOT.
  • Generally, TurboGROW SILPOT can be sprayed once in 2 weeks.