Growth stimulant

Turbovalar 100

  • Improves Brix, Specific Gravity & Baume´ levels in plants and fruit.
  • Enhances the uptake and assimilation of trace mineral to rapidly correct minor micronutrient deficiencies. Helps plants for better absorption of water and other nutrients (NPK) from the soil. Whereby, improving establishment and better plant population.
  • Improves soil structure, water holding capacity and CEC levels. Supplies organic nitrogen (glutamic acid) to the plant & soil.
  • Promotes the development of roots and better propagation of rootlets.
  • Helps to give boost to the synthesis of enzymes and the process of photosynthesis.
  • Improves the stress tolerance levels of plants providing strength to the plant to grow fast, and to withstand the stresses like drought, pests and diseases.
  • Helps the plants to produce viable pollen grains.
  • Reduces immature dropping of flowers, vegetables and fruits. Increases maturity and improves quality.
  • Improves fruit & flower colour, uniformity and size.
  • Increases yield by 15-35 %.
  • Improves post harvest storage life of vegetables and fruit (increases keeping quality).
  • Is not phytotoxic to plants.
  • Chelates have a significant nitrogen sparing effect. This saves the plant significant amount of energy it uses to accomplish natural chelation on its own.
  • Is a natural product, easy to handle, safe to the user and to the environment.

100 ml of TURBOVALAR 100 dissolved in 150 liters of water could generally be sprayed over two acre of crop area (10ml in 15ltrs of water for 10 cents or 4400 sq. feet). Three such foliar spray treatments are necessary during the crop life. First spray recommended at vegetative stage followed by second and third sprays at bloom and fruiting. Specific application timings are recommended for individual crops in the following schedule.